Touristic Routes & Excursions

Here at Tu Taxi Galicia together with Viajes Mundo Galaico, we will run, organize, and accompany whoever is looking for personal service adapted to their own needs. We organize not only the transportation (from 7-seat vehicles to minibuses or buses), but also all of the necessary services for one or multiple unforgettable days: lodging, dining, visits, tickets, tour guide services, etc.

We organize tailored excursions as well as outings adapted to a specific calendar to show the delicacies of the province of Lugo in particular, and Galicia in general.

Excursions to the Coast of Lugo and the Beach of the Cathedrals (where we also manage the restricted beach access required up to September 30), we likewise show you the rest of the Galician coast: Rías Altas (the Upper Rías), Costa da Morte (Coast of Death)...and areas like the Ribeira Sacra; cities such as Roman Lugo and its surroundings: Santa Eulalia de Bóveda and Portomarín, Coruña, Santiago, or Ourense; and mountainous regions such as the Ancares, Piornedo, or O Caurel.

We also propose special journeys of the Way of St. James in any of its variations, where we combine walking journeys with touristic visits in the surroundings.

All of this we prepare tailored to the wishes of each customer, based on their own preferences and tastes. Ask us for an estimate, without any obligation.